Apropos of Nothing, Check Out This Camelbak/Lifehacker Collaboration

Apropos of Nothing, Check Out This Camelbak/Lifehacker Collaboration

There’s nothing like enjoying a cold drink after a long day. What a great time to purchase this Lifehacker Camelbak Wine Tumbler. This subtle and sophisticated tumbler is as classy as the article suggesting it — a genuine piece of service journalism that knows your drinkware could use an upgrade.

To prove these good intentions in a thin veil of subterfuge, let me direct your attention to the photo above. Does that woman look like she’s selling something? She’s just happy, living her best life, and with wine.

OK, so you might be sceptical, but it’s too late. You’re here and you want to click it. The algorithm has already caught you in The Net. Did Sandra Bullock survive that movie? Can you recall? It doesn’t matter, you’ll see wine tumblers everywhere now. It might be a banner ad. You might see it on your next morning scroll on Instagram. It’s like a song stuck in your head — the only way out is to embrace it and give in.

I know you’re looking for something durable to hold your wine — a tumbler that advertises one of the dozens of sites you read each week. Aren’t you? Please tell me you are. I’m chill, but also my eyes are wide and maybe I’m blinking twice as I write this. But it’s cool, I’m chill.

Chill like this official Lifehacker wine tumbler produced in collaboration with Camelbak. This insulated 340g tumbler maintains the temperature of the liquid you pour into it — up to six hours cold, or four hours hot. The powder coat finish keeps condensation away, while the silicone base pad helps avoid those unfortunate … [Is this what it’s come to?, he asks himself. He squeezes his eyes shut as the tear streams down his cheek; he must finish it.] … tumbles.

Image: Lifehacker
Image: Lifehacker

Prefer a water bottle to help keep you hydrated during the day? Luckily, you can also snag a Lifehacker-adorned Chute Mag .75L water bottle from Camelbak, which has a magnetic top that stays out of the way when drinking and keeps liquid from leaking out when it’s sealed. I say “luckily” because it’s you who benefits most from this purchase, not me.

So show your support for Lifehacker with a bespoke drinking chalice. Please and thank you. No matter what you choose to fill it with, rest assured, we’re here for you. Totally chill.

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