11 Human Foods Your Dog Can Safely Eat

11 Human Foods Your Dog Can Safely Eat
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Most dogs can quite accurately be described as “hungry bois” and human foods are not out of the question for them. While we tend to know the foods we definitely shouldn’t feed them, there are some human foods that dogs can safely eat.

Dogs are loveable and loyal pets. They’ll often greet owners with excitement and are partial to a lap pat or two no matter their size. The ultimate companion animal.

But they’re also not to be trusted around unsupervised food or things that are food-adjacent — candles, plants and really anything they can get to.

If you have an indoor pooch and you’re headed to the fridge, it’s likely they’ll try and sneak what they can from it or beg you to share. It’s tempting to give your dog some of whatever human food you’re holding but many of it can be poisonous for them. As the Oreo ad reminded us, chocolate isn’t good for dogs but other foods like onions, avocados and garlic are on that list too.

What human foods can dogs eat?

Saying that, there are also some foods that dogs can eat without any adverse effects at all. These sorts of foods should only be fed to them “sometimes” —  they’re not to replace a dog’s usual diet.

Outside of regular dog food, your floof can eat the following, according to the RSPCA:

  • fresh human-grade raw meat (e.g. raw lamb)
  • raw meaty bones (cooked bones are huge no-no)
  • tinned fish — sardines, tuna or salmon — canned in spring water, not brine or oil
  • cooked pumpkin, potato, sweet potato or carrots
  • boiled chicken or lamb (crucially, without bones)
  • plain cooked pasta or rice
  • beans
  • cooked eggs without the shell
  • peanut butter
  • cucumber slices
  • green beans

What human foods dogs shouldn’t eat

If you need a reminder about the big no-nos, here are some as a reminder to start you off, courtesy of the RSPCA.

  • avocado
  • chives
  • chocolate
  • citrus fruits
  • coconut and coconut oil
  • coffee
  • cooked bones
  • cooked manufactured meat
  • garlic
  • grapes
  • milk
  • nuts
  • onions
  • raw yeast dough
  • salt
  • sausages and sausage meat
  • tomatoes

It’s a tough list to remember so when in doubt, undertake a quick internet search to confirm. While your dog might be begging for what you’re eating, it might not be in their best interests.

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