You Can Make a Bacardi Cocktail Without Bacardi

You Can Make a Bacardi Cocktail Without Bacardi
Photo: Claire Lower

The daiquiri is the most ubiquitous rum cocktail, and for good reason. It’s delicious, refreshing, and extremely easy to make. It doesn’t need any modifications but — if you do feel the need to switch it up — you can make a completely new (completely pink) beverage by swapping the simple syrup for grenadine.

This “one weird trick” transforms your daiquiri into a Bacardi cocktail, a once popular drink you don’t see on many menus, for some reason. I think any good white rum will work, though the Bacardi company may disagree. I used Havana Club Añejo 3-year, and found it to be quite pleasing, because that rum is really freaking good.

The Bacardi cocktail follows that classic sour format, and is tart and sweet, much like a daiquiri. It’s also fruitier (and pinker), thanks to the grenadine.

I used store-bought grenadine, but you can make your own by making syrup with equal parts pomegranate juice and sugar. (Just make a simple syrup, but use juice instead of water.) This extra step really does make the drink a lot tastier, and it’s a nice little project, I think.

To make this vibrant, refreshing rum-based libation, you will need:

  • 60mL white rum
  • 22mL lime juice
  • 22mL grenadine

Pour everything into a cocktail shaker full of ice and shake until it all becomes too cold to hold. Strain into a coupe glass, garnish with lime if you so desire, and take a moment to gaze upon your beverage’s beauty before imbibing.

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