Will These Plastic Mask Holders Relieve Your Ear Pain?

Will These Plastic Mask Holders Relieve Your Ear Pain?
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You’ve been wearing your face mask all the time, and that could result in some extra strain on your ears. Since we are so dedicated to finding ways for people to wear their masks for extended periods of time, we decided to test out these mask holders/extenders we found on the internet.

They are little plastic or silicone brackets with notches that you clip behind your head, taking the pressure off your ears, and distributing it evenly. A pack of four of these costs about $15, and there are various styles, colours, and materials available for purchase — but do they work?

Check out the video above for our latest episode of Hack or Wack where we test out these seemingly simple holders. Can you use them with different types of masks? Do they make your mask too tight? Do they dig into your hair and cause more pain? Would you even need them if you only leave your house once every 10 days like I do?

All of these questions and more will be answered!

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