What’s New on Netflix, Stan, Disney, Binge and Amazon This Weekend

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A new weekend is upon us and naturally, our inner content-hungry monsters are looking for new shows and movies to devour. While some new releases on Australia’s streaming services may pique your interest, it’s slim pickings overall.

For Netflix, you can expect to see the final five episodes of the hit Spanish period drama, Cable Girls, or the Baby-Sitters Club remake if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Elsewhere, theatre geeks will be happy to hear Hamilton is coming to Disney Plus on 3 July and the second season of Hanna is now available on Amazon Prime Video. There are some new shows to chew on but overall, it might be worth catching up on some of the additions to your must-watch shame pile.

Without further ado, here’s what your weekend is looking like.

What to stream on Netflix this weekend

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Image: Netflix

Netflix’s full weekend list:

3 July

  • JU-ON: Origins
  • Southern Survival
  • Desperados
  • The Baby-Sitters Club
  • Cable Girls: Final Season: Part 2

What to stream on Stan

Outcry (5 July)

Directed by Emmy award-winner Pat Kondelis, Outcry is a five-part documentary series examining the gripping story of high school football star Greg Kelley and a quest for truth and justice. 

Descriptions and synopses were provided by Stan.

Stan’s full weekend list:

3 July

  • Military Wives
  • Apocalypto
  • Canada’s Drag Race

5 July

  • Outcry

What to watch on Disney+

Hamilton (3 July)

Hamilton, disney plus
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The filmed version of the original Broadway smash hit “Hamilton” combines the best elements of live theatre, film and streaming in an astounding blend of hip-hop, jazz, R&B and Broadway. Presenting the tale of American founding father Alexander Hamilton, this revolutionary moment in theatre is the story of America then, told by America now.

Descriptions and synopses were provided by Disney Plus.

Disney+’s full weekend list:

3 July

  • Hamilton
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos: Season 15
  • Animal ER: Season 1 & 2
  • Man in Space
  • Mars & Beyond

What’s coming to Amazon Prime Video

Hanna: Season 2 (3 July)

Hanna, prime video
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The second season of Hanna follows the titular heroine as she evades the relentless pursuit of the sinister Utrax organisation, and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is.

LOL: Last One Laughing (3 July)

Hosted by Rebel Wilson, witness 10 of Australia’s professional comedians go head to head to see who can keep a straight face while simultaneously trying to make their opponents laugh in this first-of-its-kind comedy social experiment. 

Descriptions and synopses were provided by Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video’s full weekend list:

3 July

  • Hanna: Season 2
  • LOL: Last One Laughing
  • Mad Men: Season 1-7

New to Binge this weekend

3 July

  • Real Housewives of NYC: Sesoon 12, Episode 12 (new episodes weekly)
  • Perry Mason: Episode 2 (new episodes weekly)
  • Step Brothers

What’s coming to Foxtel

3 July

  • Primal

5 July

  • Storming Area 51

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