Tell Us How You’re Feeling About Travel for the Chance to Win a $500 Uber Eats Voucher

travel Traveler looking at view, Milford Sound, Fjordland National Park, New Zealand
Image: Getty Images

For a second there, it looked like travel was going to return to a semblance of what it was pre-coronavirus times. But alas, the latest headlines have raised some alarm bells.

Many of us might have already booked flights or planned road trips to explore our very own backyard given domestic travel is our only option at the moment. In fact, Queensland deciding to open its borders to allow interstate travel was just the promising sign we had all been anxiously waiting for (though things are going a bit sour there as well).

But new outbreaks in Victoria and New South Wales have brought back some of the nervousness we all had when we first went into lockdown.

Given the current situation, we want to hear how you’re feeling about travel right now. Have you put your plans on hold? Are you still making bookings? When and where do you plan to travel and for how long? Are you leaning towards a road trip or are you confident enough to catch a flight to your destination of choice?

Or, are you feeling positive about international travel re-opening and have booked trips for next year already?

If you have five minutes to spare, we’d love to hear your thoughts. There’s even a little something in it for you, especially if you’re a foodie or a very lazy cook. By filling out the survey, you will have the chance to win a $500 Uber Eats voucher and get whatever you fancy, whenever you want.

Click here and tell us how you’re feeling about travel right now. Thanks folks, and stay safe.

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