M&M’s Bringing a New Flavour to Australia and These Salty-Sweet Treats Mean Business

A new M&M's flavour is coming to Australia. Image: Getty

As a treat to Aussies on World Chocolate Day, M&M’s announced it’s giving us a gobsmackingly delish new flavour to get excited about.

For the first time ever, it will be introducing M&M’s Pretzel to a local store near you and we can’t wait to grab bags of these sweet and salty bad boys as soon as they hit choccy shelves.

These chocolate-coated pretzels redefine the phrase you can’t eat just one. They’re incredibly morish and one of the fine examples of really good American chocolate that we wish were easier to access. Luckily for us, M&M’s bringing the flavour to Australia.

As you can see on from packet below, these M&M’s will look like tiny chunks of pretzel, coated in the brand’s signature milk chocolate and encased in a crunchy outer layer of pure sugary delight we’re all too familiar with.

M&M's Pretzel
Image: Supplied

While they’re essentially an American treat, these bite-sized M&M’s will be made right here in our very own backyard — Ballarat, Victoria. In case you didn’t already know, M&M’s have been produced in the Ballarat factory since 1986 and it’s also where the iconic PODS were invented in 2004.

If you’re rushing to go out and try the latest flavour, you’re sadly going to have to wait just a little bit longer.

M&M’s Pretzel will be available at all the major supermarkets around the country from next week. The packets will first hit Coles starting 13 July and then Woolworths from 28 July.

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