How Often Should You Restart Your Phone?

How Often Should You Restart Your Phone?
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Don’t overthink it. In the age of modern smartphones, there are not many reasons to completely turn your phone off. In the video below, I explain the few instances where restarting your phone can be helpful and why you shouldn’t worry about doing it regularly.

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The above video was originally published in 2019 and republished on 7/28/20. 


  • In RAM that’s called fragmentation, theoretically, the OS should deal with fragmentation.
    You could turn your phone off but try this trick.
    When you get to “slide to power off” prompt
    do a long press on the button.
    It should return to the desktop.
    This does a soft reset.
    Works for me most of the time.
    Not sure how to do it if you don’t have a button, swipe up?

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