Create a Video Game with Roblox’s Summer Coding Challenge

Create a Video Game with Roblox’s Summer Coding Challenge
Image: Roblox Corporation

If your kids have ever wanted to design and animate their own video games but didn’t know where to start, Roblox has a free coding challenge that can teach them the basics. The challenge, called “Build It, Play It,” gives kids easy-to-follow instructions to help them learn how to create a game with custom animations — and then gain levels in the game by moving in real life while using a mobile device.

Roblox explains on its blog:

This challenge is all about movement, both in-game and in real life. We’ll show you step-by-step how to make a game where players race around a track and gain levels by moving IRL with their mobile device. How do their avatars move? That’s up to you. You’ll get to build the animations from scratch. Will they fly? Run backward? Turn cartwheels? The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

To start, kids will need to download Roblox Studio, which is free for Mac or PC. (If they’re completely new to Roblox, they’ll also need to sign up for an account.) Next, they can choose one of three tutorials that match their animation experience and skill level (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

The tutorials are full of illustrations, graphics and troubleshooting notes for common issues, all of which will help kids navigate Studio and create their original animations.

Screenshot: Roblox Corporation Screenshot: Roblox Corporation

Once their animation is complete, kids can submit it to the Victory and Celebration Animation Contest through July 31, and Roblox’s favourites will be featured in the official Island of Move game. Winners will be chosen based on how creative their animation is, as well as whether it fits the theme of celebration and its overall quality.

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