Clean Your Dirty Microwave With a Lemon

Clean Your Dirty Microwave With a Lemon
Image: Getty Images
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We’ve been on quite the home improvement kick, as tends to happen when you’ve been stuck inside for months. Last week we explored whether you can clean an oven with a lemon (spoiler: you cannot), but today we’re cleaning the science oven, aka the microwave! Will a lemon do the trick this time?

It will! Using a lemon to clean a microwave is an old standby, in fact. Just slice a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into ½ cup of water, drop the lemon halves in and microwave three minutes. Then let sit five minutes and wipe down the machine. The steam will loosen dried-on filth, and the lemon will leave a fresh scent.

However we’re not stopping there! You could repeat this method, but instead of using a microwave-safe cup, you can put the lemon and water directly onto a pile of paper towels. After nuking for three minutes, just use the paper towels themselves to wipe everything down — that way you don’t need to clean the cup or a reusable cleaning cloth.

If the gunk still isn’t budging, scrape it with an old credit card or a Magic Eraser (generic name: Melamine foam).

For all these tips and more, including how to de-grease the glass microwave door, check out the video above.

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