Where to Get Free (Or Cheaper-Than-Usual) Food on Father’s Day

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Tomorrow (Sunday, June 21) is Father’s Day, and for a lot of people, this year’s celebrations will look a little different. Unless you live with your dad and have been quarantining with him this whole time, you may not even be seeing him in person this weekend. But if you are, and you want to treat him to a meal, but don’t necessarily have it in your budget, there are a variety of restaurants offering free food and other deals to celebrate dads. Even if you’re not doing something with your dad (and/or if it’s a hard day for you), you can still take advantage of these tasty offers.

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And given the whole pandemic/social distancing situation, assume these are for take-out or delivery, but at this point, it’s up to your state to determine when restaurants open, so pay attention to that. One way around this is by getting your dad a gift card — many of which are discounted (essentially giving you future free food). This way you can plan to dine together in real life once we’re in a better position, public health-wise. So, without further ado, here are those freebies and deals:


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