How To Help Your Luggage Stand Out

How To Help Your Luggage Stand Out
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We have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing luggage—and yet black luggage seems to be, like, 80% of the luggage I see in my travels. But why? Black luggage is harder to identify and easy to nab (if you’re a thief). If you can’t do away with black luggage for more differently hued options, there’s no need to just toss out your your bags because they’re black—there are still ways to make them identifiable.

Add colour to your black bags

You can make that black luggage set you invested in forever ago stand out with the following add-ons:

Luggage tags and straps

Purchase colourful luggage tags and/or straps to add some uniqueness. If your bags are checked, locating your bag will be much easier because those straps and tags will help them stand out.

Luggage tags and straps come in various solid colours, as well as patterns and prints. You can get an idea of different types by looking here and here.

Use a luggage cover

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One of the best things I have purchased, as a traveller, was covers for my luggage. Due to travelling so much, my husband, son, and I started with an array of differently coloured luggage pieces which made them difficult to locate at baggage claim. With luggage covers, our luggage looked like a cohesive unit and saved us a huge headache.

You can place covers over your bag like you would a pillowcase over a pillow. Similar to luggage tags and straps, luggage covers come in all variations of colours, patterns, and prints that help you identify your bag instantly. They are also machine washable, so you can wash them after every trip. Additionally, they aid in helping to keep your bag from getting ruined.

If you’re buying luggage, opt for different colours

If you’re in the buying luggage mood, there are a plethora of options to keep you from purchasing black luggage. Companies have really stepped their vibrant options for travellers. Choose solid, bright colours that stand out like pink, yellow, or orange. You can also indulge your quirky side and go for animal print or even ombré like this set or this one.

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