Get Guilt-Free $3 Tacos From Guzman Y Gomez Before Offer Runs Out

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If you thought Taco Tuesdays was exciting then you’re going to go nuts for this. The good people of Aussie favourite Mexican food joint Guzman y Gomez (GYG) and Menulog have teamed up to deliver GYG’s new $3 tacos straight to your doorstep all month long.

GYG launched its latest $3 tacos back in May but you could only get them for takeaway or through the GYG app. Since spending budgets are a bit tight for many of us, GYG is offering a cheap lunch or dinner option for all those stuck at home and not in the mood to cook.

Their latest tacos are made with premium ground beef (mince) and topped with fresh iceberg lettuce, shredded Jack cheese and packed into a crunchy Chipotle-seasoned hard shell corn tortilla. It’s unfortunate news for those who’re on a meat-free diet but for the rest of us, this makes us happy, happy, happy.

People went crazy after the tacos when it first hit the stores in May and according to a GYG press release, a Sydney restaurant even reported selling one of these bad boys every 5 seconds one Friday in May. Woah.

GYG prides itself on being 100% clean so there’s no added preservatives, artificial colours and flvaours used in any of its dishes. Its CEO and founder, Steven Marks explained in the press release the $3 taco is the most significant product launch in GYG’s history.

“Australians know and love this taco but GYG’s tacos are clean, no preservatives is key here, we make our hard shell corn tortillas fresh in store every day and you genuinely feel great after eating.

“During this time, we know our guests are looking for value and I’m so proud that we’re able to offer such an affordable menu item to all Australians, and now thanks to our partnership with Menulog you can even get them delivered.”

Menulog Marketing Director, Simon Cheng added they would exclusively be delivering the $3 tacos from more than 115 GYG restaurants across the country all of June.

This isn’t the first time GYG is giving Aussies food on the cheap. In May, Pedestrian TV did a shout out for its winning $10 burritos to make lunch within a tenner a real treat.

For all those feeling the pinch of spending loads on takeout, having the option of $3 tacos definitely comes as welcome news. I don’t know about you but at least one of my meals this week is sorted.

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