Free Workouts The Whole House Can Join

There’s an unlimited number of excuses people can use to avoid working out at home. Whether it’s because there’s something cooking on the stove and you need to stand there stirring diligently for two days, or you’re waiting for a parcel and can’t start a session in case the posty arrives, or even because there are no free workout videos to motivate you.

We’ve partnered with Medibank to help you live better at home.

Well, we hate to break it to you but that last excuse is a downright lie. Unless you’re new to the internet, you should know that there are hundreds of free workout videos. Thousands, even. Millions? Probably.

So to give you one less excuse to use during your extensive procrastination, we’ve compiled a few at-home workout videos that are free and suitable for anyone – children, dogs, parrots, adults – the whole shebang.

Steph Prem’s Family Workout

Usually, you’d think a workout video inclusive of kids wouldn’t get your heart racing. You’d be wrong.

You’ll undoubtedly sweat straight through your trackydacks after the 15-minute video, but you’ll feel a million bucks afterwards so it’s worth having to do an extra load of damp workout gear.

MadFit’s 15-Min Dance Party Workout

Any workout video that opens with Beyonce and Jay-Z’s ‘Crazy in Love’ is bound to get even the laziest couch potato up and about.

It’s comforting to be so uninhibited when dancing in your own lounge room with only a video keeping you company, but that’s the beauty of these free vids.

During the 15 minutes, you’ll give your butt, legs, arms and stomach quite the thrashing, plus your heart rate will be through the roof (in a good way).

Tim Robards’ Stretching Guide

Stretching can be just as important as exercise, and ideally performed before and/or after your workout.

So, let Tim Robards walk you through this thorough stretching video which focuses on your back and overall flexibility.

You’ll be better off when you stretch to warm up or warm down, and the likelihood of feeling stiff the next day decreases significantly.

This video also helps with knowing what to do and what not to do while stretching.

Steph Prem’s Mat Pilates

This 15-minute pilates video covers all the basics you’ve seen in various movies with a yoga scene, so you’ll hopefully be slightly familiar with the routine.

Because there’s nothing too complicated involved, you can definitely rope in whoever you live with to join. From experience, the more people participating, the less likely you are to give up as no one likes to be the first to wave the white flag.

Kids & Adults’ 5-Min Workout

While most of the previous videos can be followed by the young ones (not to a tee though, perhaps), this last video is very much in the child-friendly category.

If you don’t have kids in your household but you don’t feel like going as hard as you usually do, pop the video on anyway – star jumps will always be an effective way to get your blood pumping regardless of age.


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