Forget Aldi, Coles’ New Air Fryer Oven Is $20 Cheaper

Forget Aldi, Coles’ New Air Fryer Oven Is $20 Cheaper
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Coles’ latest addition to its also new ‘Best Buys Kitchen Appliance Range’ is the all-in-one air fryer oven. It goes on sale on 26 June, and the fun bit is it’s for $129 only, a whole lot cheaper than its top-end competitors.

It’s no secret we’ve been obsessing over kitchen gadgets — including air fryers — since the start of the year. So when Aldi and Coles both announced they’d be launching all-in-one air fryer ovens, we were rightly stoked.

As part of its Wednesday ‘Special Buys’ selection on 24 June, Aldi came out blazing with its own version of the in-demand gadget. But Coles had already hindered its victory lap by announcing it would be selling it’s own rival version on 26 June, $20 cheaper. Yikes.

However, if you couldn’t get your hands on Aldi’s sale, here’s what Coles’ offering.

Its air fryer oven, with full digital functionality, will be the star of the show among 30 ‘Coles’ Best Buy’ options on Friday, 26 June. It has a 25-litre capacity so you can satisfy all your big pizza cravings on any day of the week. It’s 1800w, stainless steel with 10 pre-set functions.

If that doesn’t suit your fancy, you could opt for other kitchen appliances such as a $19.99 250w stick mixer for chopping, whisking and blending, a 6.5 litre slow cooker for $29.99, a 3-tier food steamer and a vacuum food sealer at $39.99 each.

The offer’s available for a limited time only at 88 stores across the country. Head to Coles’ website and see if your local store is in on the fun. Otherwise keep a look out for new themes for its ‘Best Buys’, which will be revealed on a fortnightly basis.

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