6 Travel Shows to Help Keep Your Wanderlust Alive

6 Travel Shows to Help Keep Your Wanderlust Alive
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Are you an adventure traveller or foodie traveller or even a bucket-list traveller sitting around thinking, “Well, I’ll never travel again”? With travel restrictions still in place, it seems like it’ll take months before travel will resume back to its regularly scheduled programming.

Fortunately, there’s an assortment of travel shows to watch and keep that wanderlust alive, whether you’re curious about diving with sharks or chomping down on a live scorpion.

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Taste The Nation

Former Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi has a new travel and food series called “Taste the Nation.” Lakshmi takes us on a journey into how food connects us culturally and explores traditions far and wide. In its first season, Lakshmi visits 10 cities around the nation while tackling issues surrounding immigration. Ultimately, she defines “American cuisine” as multicultural and sets out to show just how much of a melting pot our nation is.

You can check out Taste The Nation by watching on Hulu via VPN.

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Dark Tourist

If you’ve ever had a death-defying travel-related idea in your bucket list, “Dark Tourist” will show you how it’s done. In the first episode, host David Farrier ventures into Colombia to check out tours that take him into the world of former cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar. While in Colombia, Farrier meets an ex-police officer who had been paid off by Escobar, Escobar’s ex-fiancée, and his former hitman.

This series is focused on tourism sites that focus in some way on death, how people see death around the world, and the ways it’s honoured. You can check out Dark Tourist on Netflix.

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Parts Unknown

As an avid traveller, I was deeply influenced by this show; it changed how I saw the world of travel and how I learned to respect it. “Parts Unknown,” hosted by the late Emmy-award winning host Anthony Bourdain, brilliantly explored the off-the-beaten-path side of exploration.

Bourdain masterfully gives audiences a front-row seat into his trips around the world while telling stories of family, triumph, hardship, war, and so much more. Although Bourdain has passed away, his legacy lives on. You can tune into Parts Unknown on Amazon.

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Mysterious Islands

Hosted by award-winning journalist Kellee Edwards, “Mysterious Islands” centres around the most adventurous side of travel. This Travel Channel series explores remote islands, where Edwards is called on to fly planes and test her scuba diving skills. She sets out to find secrets that are hidden within the most uncharted areas of the world while introducing her audience to the people who live there.

Check out episodes here.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate backpacking experience, check out this show, hosted by Scott Wilson and Andre Dupuis.  Originally airing in the United States on the National Geographic Adventure Channel, “Departures” shows the audience the process of the journey itself, rather than just focusing on destinations. It gives the audience a true glimpse into the great outdoors and no-frills travelling. You can watch episodes here.

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Ugly Delicious

Michelin star Chef David Chang leads his friends to different destinations to find some of the most obscure, mouth-watering cuisines in his show “Ugly Delicious.” Chef Chang highlights one cuisine or dish and presents how the concept is represented in various areas around the world.

You can watch on Netflix.

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