How To Cut Multiple Cherry Tomatoes At Once

How To Cut Multiple Cherry Tomatoes At Once

Using two lids to slice cherry tomatoes in half is a classic hack. The lips of the lids stabilise the tomatoes, letting you run your knife through the little guys with ease. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need two lids. You never did. You just need a cutting board and your hand.

You see, your hand is pretty good at stabilising a gaggle of cherry tomatoes. (Also, who can find two lids at any given moment? What am I? Made of lids?) Just place the tomatoes on the cutting board, gently press down on top of them with your palm, with your fingers slightly arching away from the board, and slice as you would if you had two lids.

If you have large hands, you can do a lot at once. I have tiny, childlike hands, and even I was able to slice through 10 at a time.

If you are worried about cutting your hand ” though I have not done it yet and I am awfully accident-prone ” you can always use one lid or a small (light-weight) plate on top, or slip on a cut resistant glove. There’s just no reason for two lids, is what I’m saying; a modicum of pressure is all it takes to keep those tomatoes in place. Two lids is just excessive.

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