What Parents-to-Be Should Pack In The Hospital Bag

Giving birth in the midst of a global health crisis is probably not what you were envisioning when you got pregnant. There is a lot you don’t have control over right now as everything from the frequency of pre-natal appointments to who you can bring into the labour and delivery room with you is in flux. But you will give birth, and one thing you can control is what you pack to bring along with you when you do.

Comfy clothing

I know you may be pondering which “going home” outfit you want to pack for your sweet little babe, and you should choose at least a couple of options. But when thinking about what clothing to pack, your post-birth comfort should be top-of-mind.

To start, you’re going to want the comfiest pair of pants you can possibly find—in a size that would fit you now; your favourite pre-pregnancy sweats aren’t likely to cut it.

If you’re a robe person (and really, even if you’re usually not a robe person), pack a soft robe, as well as a top you can nurse in if you plan to breastfeed. You’ll also want a cheap pair of slippers you can throw away as you leave and a pair of warm, high socks.


Set aside whatever snacks you think you may need or want in the hospital—and now triple that amount, and that’s what you should pack. You do not want to be caught in a situation where you give birth at 1 a.m. and now you are hungrier than you’ve ever been in your entire life… and the cafeteria doesn’t open until 6:30 a.m.

What I’m saying is, you can’t have too many snacks; pack all the snacks. That’s not enough—go get more. Pack snacks for your partner, too. They’ll need snacks and you don’t want them eating all of your snacks.

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Other comforts from home

You can go as basic or as all-in as you’d like with the rest of this list—everyone finds comfort from different familiarities. But these were the top picks recommended by the parents in our Offspring Facebook Group.

  • Lip balm

  • Thongs for the shower

  • Hair ties

  • Your own travel-size toiletries, particularly shower toiletries and lotion or moisturizer

  • Large absorbent pads or disposable underwear

  • Your own pillow (and your partner’s pillow)

  • A nursing pillow

  • A large water bottle

  • A soft blanket

  • Portable Bluetooth speaker

  • The longest charging cord you own and/or a portable battery charger

  • A softer lighting option, such as strands of holiday lights (or an eye mask)

  • Entertainment, such as books, magazines or a portable game system

And finally, you’ll want to bring along an empty bag. This, friends, is for whatever “extras” you can score from the hospital. Diapers, wipes, mesh underwear, a peri bottle, a can of numbing spray. What you’ll have access to will vary from hospital to hospital, but chances are you’ll be able to take at least some goodies home with you.

Oh, and snacks. Did I mention snacks? Please pack snacks.


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