Try These Mini LEGO Challenges From Master Builders

What’s your LEGO situation these days? In my home, the LEGO have multiplied so much during the pandemic that I had to create additional display shelving in my basement because my son’s LEGO table, dresser, bookshelf and window sills were no longer sufficient for displaying all his favourites. (I’m also planning to put some shelving up in my home office to display his Hogwarts and other Harry Potter builds, but I’m not mad about that.)

I’m not the only parent of a bored child with a lot of LEGO at his disposal right now, so master model builders at LEGOLAND California Resort are stepping up to give our kids weekly building challenges. So far, the challenges have included a:

(The pirate is the most awesome.)

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In each one- to three-minute video, a master builder lays out the pieces they’ll be using for viewers to see before they begin building, but the idea is not just to dig those exact pieces from your stash and follow the steps. Instead, kids can find inspiration and tips for getting creative with their own LEGO and build their own unique versions of that week’s project.

If nothing else, it’s mesmerising to watch the masters build something so quickly and confidently—without instructions! And while you’re on the “building challenge” site, check out the other weekly activities LEGO is posting, including colouring pages, maze challenges, Mad Libs-style “silly stories” and more.

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