These Portable Kettlebells You Fill With Sand Are Perfect For An Iso Workout

These Portable Kettlebells You Fill With Sand Are Perfect For An Iso Workout
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Forget lugging around heavy weights at the beach because Aussie-based company Beachbells has turned up the heat with an intriguing product that’ll make your time on the sand a lot easier.

So, what are Beachbells?

‘Beachbells’, which launched in Septemeber 2019, are essentially portable kettlebells or a seriously upgraded and cool as looking version of a sandbag.

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We had a chat with business owner Andy Coley from Sydney about its design, how it’s different from a sandbag (you know we’re all thinking this) and how it should be used.

“Look, I wouldn’t say we’re the only ones that do sandbags but what’s different about us is the design as the Beachbells essentially turns into a kettlebell when you fill it up with sand,” Coley explained to Lifehacker Australia over the phone.

“The way it rolls and clips creates a real tight compact area and gives you a piece of gym equipment that you can easily carry around with you.

“You do have other sandbags out in the market that are focused on weight dispersion but we’re trying to give people that kind of high quality light equipment to take with them down to the beach.”

How do you fill up Beachbells?

To get started, you’ll need to fill the Beachbells with sand to the weight you like. Weight guide markings have been included in the design to help you out with this. Next, you’ll need to lock it and remove any air, roll the end as tightly together and clip it. You can watch this video on its Facebook page for a visual demonstration.

Beachbells will give you up to 16kg of weight which is pretty cool if you think about the number of kettlebells you’d need if you wanted to swap weights depending on the exercise you were doing.

Although Coley’s company is based in Australia, he said they were shipping the Beachbells worldwide to places like South Africa and the Bahamas.

Within Australia, he’s already seen a rise in demand from personal trainers and individuals who’ve had to change the way they workout following the closure of gyms due to COVID-19.

How much do Beachbells cost?

A single Beachbell will cost you $79 after discount. It’s original RRP is $89. They also have a sale on their 3-pack, 5-pack and 10-pack sets which cost $219.90, $299.90 and $599.90, respectively.

Visit the Beachbells website for more info.

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