These Are The Cheapest iPhones You Can Buy Right Now

These Are The Cheapest iPhones You Can Buy Right Now

Buying a new iPhone doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, and I firmly believe that most people don’t need to spend $1,500 or more on the latest and greatest model. In the video above, I compare the three cheapest iPhones that Apple currently sells.

iPhone XR: $839

The iPhone XR is the least expensive model available with FaceID and a modern small-bezel design. The LCD display is bright and sharp and the lack of a home button means the display fills nearly the entire front of the phone. Last year’s A12 Bionic chip powers the device, meaning it can tackle most any task with ease and everyday use is lightning fast. I bought this phone in early 2019 and it runs just like it did out of the box. It’s an excellent iPhone that I intend to keep for at least two more years before I consider an upgrade.

iPhone 11: $1,199

While the XR was an excellent purchase in 2019, it might be worth considering the iPhone 11 if you’re looking to buy a new phone now. For $300 more, the iPhone 11 is basically just the XR with a few extra bells and whistles. It has Apple’s latest A13 Bionic chip and an extra ultra-wide camera lens on the back, and the battery reportedly lasts up to an hour longer than the XR.

iPhone SE: $749

The iPhone 11’s price tag is still dangerously close to that $1,500 ceiling, so if you’re the type of person who doesn’t care about the chipset or the size of the bezels, the new iPhone SE is probably perfect for you. The SE crams the internals of the iPhone 11—including that powerful A13 bionic chip at its core—into the body of an iPhone 8. This means there’s no FaceID, and that the old-school iPhone design with Touch ID and those giant bezels makes a return.

Buy refurbished

Don’t forget that Apple also sells certified refurbished products. If you don’t mind being a few generations behind on your iPhone, it’s possible to snag an iPhone X for $900 or an iPhone XS for $1,000.


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