The Secret To This Towering, Fluffy Pancake Is Mayonnaise

The Secret To This Towering, Fluffy Pancake Is Mayonnaise

Just so it’s out there ” Mayonnaise is basically just eggs and oil. You’re going to be freaked out here, but remember: Eggs and oil.

Keeping that in mind, I would like to suggest that you try making pancakes ” yes, the sweet kind, the kind with maple syrup ” with mayonnaise in them.

The brave souls at Food52 tried out a Japanese pancake recipe that made the rounds not long ago, with mayonnaise and sparkling water in the ingredient list. The recipe procedure’s non-standard, too, compared to Western pancakes “- you mix eggs, sparkling water and mayo in the same pot that the pancake cooks in, then add flour as you cook it over a low flame.

The results is a tall, spongey pancake with a hint of tartness. It plays well with syrup and would be great with fruit in it, too. And did I mention you’ll dirty zero bowls in the process?

And then make a mayonnaise-fried grilled cheese for lunch.

[Via Food52]

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