The Best Mobile Plans Under $30 in Australia

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We live in an age where smartphones cost more than laptops, or even second-hand cars, so it’s only natural we opt for monthly plans to repay them. But with the flagship phones still costing you a fortune in monthly repayments, getting a cheaper plan with great data offerings is the goal. With that in mind, here are some of Australia’s best plans with beefy data caps for under $30 per month.

If you just need to go on Facebook, Google some random thoughts and check emails, you’ll probably only need around 3GB a month, according to WhistleOut. These days, however, a newsfeed on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram will be filled with videos and other data-intensive activities. For that, you’ll need at least 15GB a month of data to comfortably sneak that all in.

So, each of the following mobile plans $30 or under per month will have at least 15GB of data available, which should be enough to stream and view data-heavy apps like Instagram.

Spintel $26.95/month

Spintel’s $26.95 a month deal comes with 15GB of data as well as unlimited calls and text messages. It also uses the Optus 4G and 3G mobile network. It’s contract-free and for a limited time only, you won’t have to pay any upfront fee. So, if you try it and hate it, the only payment going out of your pocket is for the first month.

Circles.Life $28/month

Circles.Life is offering you 20GB data, plus a bonus 3GB if you go over your allowance, for just $28 a month. New customers can get their first month for $10 by using the promo code ‘WELCOME‘. Handily, it’s also contract-free.

TPG $29.99/month

This TPG $29.99 per month deal gets you 25GB on the Vodafone network, but your first six months are just $15 per month. It’s contract-free so if you don’t want to pay double after that period, you can ditch it.

ExeSim Plus 4G $29.99/month

This one will cost you a few more dollars than the other plans but you’ll get a pinch extra of data with 18GB available each month. The usual unlimited national calls and messages are included but a neat addition of $500 worth of international calls is a nice bonus if it’s relevant to you. You’ll get a free setup so the minimum spend is $29.99 for just one month.

Moose $21.80/month

Setting you back $21.80 a month, Moose’s contract-less plan gives you 18GB of data for the first 24 months, unlimited national calls and texts. There’s no startup fee for this one so again, if you don’t like it, ditch it after the first month. It also utilises the Optus 4G Plus and 3G Network.

If you suspect 15GB won’t be enough data, you’ll need to spend up to $50 a month. Check out the below options offering at least 30GB of data per month without a lock-in contract.


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