The 12 Types Of Female Orgasm

If someone were to tell you there are various types of orgasms that women can have, what would your reaction be? Surely, an orgasm is an orgasm and there’s only a couple of ways to reach that big ‘O’? Think again! It turns out women can achieve 12 different types of orgasms. Yes, 12! Read on to find out more about the ‘Dirty Dozen’ and how you can have them (or give them).

#1 Clitoral Orgasm

This is the most common and easily-achieved kind of orgasm which you have by stimulating the clitoris. An orgasm which can only be described as intense and short-lasting. Frequent masturbation – with or without your partner – should help you to work out what turns you on and what helps you to achieve a clitoral orgasm faster.

#2 Vaginal/G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot (or Graffenberg Spot, to be precise) is the name given to the small, nerve-rich area above the front vaginal wall. Bonus points if you get your partner to give you gentle oral sex whilst they get to work stimulating your G-Spot with their fingers or a sex toy – but be patient, as this can take time to master.

#3 Blended Orgasm

Blended orgasms occur when multiple areas of your body are being touched and pleasured simultaneously. They can occur when you’re in the middle of fast-paced sex, or when you are having some amazing foreplay with your partner.

#4 Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms can be either sequential (when you orgasm, rest, and then orgasm again) or serial (one orgasm after another with no rest in between). Sequential orgasms are great for those who want to take some time out to enjoy those great endorphins you get post-orgasm then go back for round two!

#5 Anal Orgasm

Yes, that’s right…an anal orgasm exists, it just isn’t talked about as much as a vaginal orgasm. A recent study found that 8 per cent of women orgasm this way which isn’t surprising as the anal walls are rich in nerve endings. Don’t forget to use lots of lube!

#6 Sleep-Gasm (AKA “Snore-gasm”)

The sheer power of the brain means that women can orgasm whilst they sleep. In your sleep, your mind can freely explore your sexual fantasies without feeling rushed or judged. This can turn you on so much you can end up orgasming without even touching yourself. (Think of it as an extra-intense wet dream.) Another good reason to catch your forty winks tonight!

#7 Cervical Orgasm

Also known as a “full-body orgasm” due to the sheer power of this orgasm, the cervical orgasm is best achieved via deep vaginal penetration. Sex therapists suggest warming up with a few different positions beforehand and doing it doggy style with a large penis or sex toy to get as deep as possible.

#8 U-Spot Orgasm

Squirting is not a myth! Female ejaculation (or squirting) happens when your urethra is stimulated and the blood rushes to the erectile tissue that surrounds the opening. The urethra is surrounded by hidden parts of the clitoris that are internal, rather than external. Just be sure to have a towel handy!

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#9 A-Spot Orgasm

A bit of a tongue twister – the “anterior fornix exogenous zone” or “second G Spot” is located above the cervix, in the region of the belly button. It is best reached after considerable foreplay has taken place, and with a generous amount of lube.

Want an A-Spot Orgasm? Get your partner to touch the A-spot with the pad of their finger or a toy, and then pull down across the front wall for an earth-shattering orgasm.

#10 Nipple Orgasm

Yep, boobs have orgasm potential! It turns out that breast and nipple play lights up the same part of the brain that responds to genital and clitoral stimulation.

First, massage the area around your breasts, torso, and tummy to tease yourself (or get your partner to do it for you), and encourage circulation around your chest. Then, circle and caress your breasts using a featherlike touch. Don’t touch your areolae or nipples until you are seriously aroused.

Once you feel like you can’t wait any longer, run your fingers around your areolae and start to gently pinch your erect nipples from base to tip.

#11 Core-Gasm

If you have ever needed an excuse to get to the gym, this is the best one! First mentioned by famed sexologist Alfred Kinsey in 1953, these orgasms tend to occur when you are working on your core muscles.

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#12 Expanded Sexual Response

Women who experience Expanded Sexual Response (ESR) are able to have multiple, prolonged and intense orgasms. It is so intense that some women have reported even having out-of-body experiences as they have orgasmed!

Although not yet fully understood by the scientific community, researchers think ESR is caused by activating the pudental, pelvic, hypogastric and vagus nerves simultaneously. Good luck trying to stimulate all those nerves!

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Anna Lee is a blogger and sex toy expert who writes for Lovehoney Australia. You can see a list of their best-selling products here.

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