This ‘Secret’ Melbourne Restaurant Is Not So Secret Anymore Thanks To MasterChef

The concept behind a ‘secret’ restaurant in Melbourne piqued foodie interest and forced its website to crash just 20 minutes into episode 17 of MasterChef Australia, Season 12. If you aren’t already in the know, here’s a run down of why Enter via Laundry has taken the internet by storm, because who doesn’t love a secret dinner party.

The mystery behind the Melbourne-based ‘restaurant’, which offers food immersed in Indian culture, starts in the name. To experience this intimate home-based dining experience set in the suburbs, you’ll need to enter via the laundry room (as the name aptly suggests).

Given it’s a ‘side-hustle’ for Helly Raichura, an HR adviser by profession, only 10 people are accommodated at a time. Once you join the wait list, you’ll be the first to know when dinner dates are released. Mystery factor number 2.

At the time when this episode of MasterChef was being filmed, the wait list had 1600 people on it. As judge Jock Zonfrillo pointed out in the episode, this number will likely look like 16000 after its 5 May viewing.

But let’s be honest, if you’re seating just 10 people and open two nights a week, the figure isn’t a complete shocker but from what we know of the food so far, including the intricate ‘pasta not pasta’ dish (known as Khandvi in India), I would snatch a potential $19 flight from Sydney to Melbourne just to give this exquisite looking plate of food (as shown below) a try. BUT, Nikki on Twitter is crushing my dreams, especially if you take into account Covid-19 restrictions.

We’ve reached out to Enter via Laundry to find out how many people are currently on the wait list. We’ll update the story once we hear back. As of now, their website states they won’t be opening until August 2020 though this might change depending on circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

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