Lift Your Pasta Game With These 14 Classic Sauce Recipes

Lift Your Pasta Game With These 14 Classic Sauce Recipes
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A killer pasta dish is all about the sauce. While well-cooked pasta is definitely important, it’s the stuff you put on top that makes the meal. This infographic contains easy-to-follow recipes for 15 classic pasta sauces – from classic mariana to fancy alle vongole.

When it comes to “homemade” Italian cuisine, most people are content to stir a jar of supermarket sauce through a pot of pre-made pasta. You should aim to break this habit for the good of your family’s taste buds.

Creating a delicious DIY pasta sauce from scratch is relatively easy for beginners to pull off – and it only requires a bit more effort than using a jar. Most importantly, the results will be infinitely superior to the store-bought stuff.

The infographic below breaks down 15 renowned pasta sauce recipes to get you started. We recommend starting with a nice pomodoro or cacio el pepe – you’ve probably got the ingredients in your fridge and pantry already.

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