The Weirdest McDonald’s Burgers From Around The World

The Weirdest McDonald’s Burgers From Around The World

McDonald’s has outlets all over the world, so it’s pretty hard to escape. But when you’re travelling abroad and Macca’s is the only nearby food choice, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a Big Mac. Here are ten McDonald’s oddities you can pick up from international locations.

McLobster (Canada)

Whenever I think Golden Arches (that’s probably tm), I tend to think of having a nice lobster meal. No.. wait… what?

Georgie Pie: Chicken ‘N’ Vegetable Pie (New Zealand)

McAloo Tikki (India)

McGazpacho (Spain)

Red Dwarf

Le Croque McDo (France)

Teriyaki Mac (Japan)

McArabia Chicken (Saudi Arabia)

Corn Cup (South Africa)

Mai Fun secret chicken rice (China)

McCroissant (Poland)

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