How To Enable Group Tabs On Chrome Right Now

Gif: Google

I’ve seen a number of reports lately that Google is rolling out a new “group tabs” feature in Chrome designed to help you organise your unruly number of open tabs into more manageable, colour-coordinated chunks. Well, duh. You’ve been able to do this for months; you just didn’t know it.

If you don’t want to wait for Google’s rollout, first make sure you’re using the latest version of Chrome. You don’t have to be on a beta or anything like that; just update your browser to whatever you can get right now from the Stable channel (81.0.4044.138, as of this writing).

After that, type this into your browser’s address bar and hit Enter:


Screenshot: David Murphy

Switch “Tab Groups” to “Enabled.” Restart your browser and you’ll be able to right-click on any browser tab and add it to a new group. When you do, you’ll see a little coloured dot to its left. This is what you’ll use to organise your groups, which you can right-click to customise:

Screenshot: David Murphy

I recommend assigning a name to your tab group, unless you’re really good at mapping colours to tab types. Yes, you can even use emoji for your tab group names if you really want.

Screenshot: David Murphy

Otherwise, managing the tabs in the group is easy enough. You can right click on any ungrouped tab in your browser to assign it to a new or existing group; it’s your choice. Close all the tabs in a group and it’ll disappear. You’ll have to remake it again if you want to dump more tabs into that category, as Chrome won’t remember old groups you previously used.


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