Frozen Berries And Cream Is A Perfect Quarantine Dessert

Photo: Claire Lower

Fresh berries and cream is and always will be my favourite springtime dessert, but my efforts to limit my grocery store trips right now mean I always run out of fresh berries days before my next run is scheduled. This is a relatively small inconvenience, particularly since I can make an almost-as-good version with frozen berries, the berries that never go bad.

The main difference between the two “recipes,” if you can call them that, is that the frozen berries need sugar, while truly fresh, ripe fruit rarely does. Frozen berries can be quite tart, but that is easily fixed: Just sprinkle on a healthy spoonful of sugar.

Photo: Claire Lower

Next, let everything sit for a moment or two. Let the sugar dissolve and get a little syrupy. (The longer you wait, the more syrupy it will get.)

Photo: Claire Lower

Finally, pour on the cream, wait a few moments, and give everyone a swirl. The cream will freeze to the berries, creating a sweet, ice cream-like casing around the tart fruit. Small berries like blueberries and raspberries will work best, but strawberries can serve if you slice them up with your spoon once they’ve thawed a bit. Once you’ve shoveled the fruit into your mouth, finish the job by drinking the now pink, sweet cream. It’s a surprisingly perfect moment of decadence, which is the kind of moment I am always searching for.


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