Click Frenzy 2020: The Best Phone Deals

Click Frenzy 2020: The Best Phone Deals
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Click Frenzy is kicking off in Australia at 7pm March 19 but the telcos are already jumping on board with cheap phone plans and device deals. These are the best so far.

We’ll updating this post as more deals become available – be sure to check back!

Telstra Click Frenzy Deals

Telstra has a few deals going on right now.

$10 off all SIM-only plans for the first 12 months you’re with Telstra. Our pick is the 30GB for $40 per month, which is easily Telstra’s best promo to date. This is only available to new customers.

Here are Telstra’s SIM-only plans:

If you’re in the market for a mobile broadband plan, you can get $10 off all mobile broadband plans, for the first 12 months on Telstra. The standout is 15GB for $20 per month, but 200GB for $65 is is a damn good deal if you need a chunk of data, too. This is also for new customers only.

These Telstra deals are available until May 25.

Vodafone Click Frenzy Deals

Vodafone is also coming to the Click Frenzy Party with some plan deals. The telco is offering $35 per month for 25GB data for Click Frenzy. Usually you only get 10GB data for $40 so this is a great deal.

The $5 discount only last for the first 12 months, but you get the extra data for the life of the plan.

You can get this deal as SIM only or with a brand new phone paired with it. Here’s the SIM only plans:

And here’s a selection with some of Vodafone’s best available devices attached:

This offer lasts until May 25.

Circles.Life Click Frenzy Deal

Optus-powered telco Circles.Life is offering 103GB a month of data a month for just $28. To get the deal you need to use the promo code DATAFRENZY and sign up before May 22.

The only catch is that you only get the plan at this price for the first 12 months, then it will go back up to $38 a month — but $38 is still a really good price for that amount of data. Plus there aren’t any contracts so you can leave at any time.

iPhone Click Frenzy Deals

If you’re after an iPhone, you can get a refurbished iPhone XR (64GB|128GB|256GB) from $689 from Phone Bot.

And for those dedicated to the Home Button, MYDeal has refurbished iPhone 8 devices from $389.

We’re still waiting on more deals to drop but they’ll definitely be coming over the next few hours so don’t forget to check back!

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