Bunnings’ New Gardening Podcast Will Help You Keep Your Plant Babies Alive

For all our plant-loving friends out there, Bunnings has launched a new seven-part gardening podcast series called Staying Grounded to help you keep your plant dreams alive and thriving even if you’re a complete newbie.

The podcast series will offer listeners gardening advice and handy tips. It’ll be hosted by Chloe Thomson of gardening and cooking show The Gardenettes, and feature plant psychologist and landscaper, Dale Vine and plant designer, Jenna Holmes.

This comes at a super handy time after an independent research, commissioned by Bunnings, found that two in five Australians were planning on working on their home garden in the coming months.

More importantly, though, with all of us spending more time at home, gardening is the perfect way to keep busy and practice mindfulness.

The episodes from Staying Grounded will guide you on slowing down, connecting with nature and doing more around your home and your garden. You’ll learn about a lot of topics that cover indoor plants, how to set up an edible garden (to fulfil all your cooking needs), what shade-friendly plants are available and much more.

Thompson said in the press release sent to Lifehacker Australia that she was thrilled to host the new Bunnings podcast series.

“I love talking plants, it makes me so happy! I’m chatting with some incredible guests about all things gardening – from tools and tips to indoor plants and all your outdoor needs. This show will appeal to newbie gardeners and seasoned green thumbs alike, plus inspire you to get your hands dirty while Staying Grounded,” Chloe said in the press release.

How many episodes of Staying Grounded are available already?

The first two episodes — Indoor Plant Bonanza and Dig In — were released on 30 April and feature plant designer Jenna Holmes of @plantmama_ as she discusses the ins and outs of keeping your indoor plants healthy. Next up, you’ll hear from The Block’s Dale Vine to learn about the tools you need to make your gardening process a success.

This will be super helpful for people (like me) who’ve always been afraid of keeping house plants because it’s never a happy moment when you’re left with dead plants all around.

You can list to the podcast via Apple Podcasts or through Google Play.

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