The Best Sex Dungeon Toys You Can Buy Online

The Best Sex Dungeon Toys You Can Buy Online
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So you’ve devoured the books, watched the movies, and you’re eager to indulge in a little Fifty Shades of Grey roleplay. Of course, our favourite scenes from the books are the ones which unfold in the infamous Red Room of Pain, Christian’s luxuriously furnished, leather and mahogany-clad playroom. Here’s how you can create your own.

Now we’re not suggesting you soundproof your spare room or turn your home office into a den of iniquity just yet – for starters you probably don’t have Mr Grey’s magical money tree! But with a few toys, tweaks and accessories you can enjoy Red Room-inspired revelry, too.

Set the scene

First, create a sensual, inviting atmosphere. Get rid of anything that might distract you from pleasure – that overflowing laundry basket or pile of bills will really kill the mood. Think soft, ambient lighting – overhead light can be unforgiving and offputting, so flick the dimmer switch or use a few carefully placed lamps or candles.

The first thing Ana notices when she steps into the Red Room is the smell of leather, wood and citrus. Aromas can be incredibly arousing, especially if you’re planning to use a blindfold in your play, so light a scented candle or warm up by rubbing a little scented massage oil into each other’s skin.

Christian’s leather and mahogany-furnished playroom boasts a rather impressive, bigger-than-kingsize bed, but as it’s not for sleeping there’s no bedding, just a mattress covered in red leather. We suspect red leather mattresses are hard to come by, so we’d suggest just removing the duvet and pillows. You could always invest in some vinyl bedsheets.

Sweet sensation

Sensory play and restraint feature heavily in Christian’s Red Room repertoire, so the first thing we’d suggest you invest in is an effective, comfortable blindfold to plunge the wearer into total darkness. Slipping something specifically for sex over your eyes, like the Fifty Shades of Grey No Peeking Soft Blindfolds or grab one in the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Play Box, is incredibly erotic and perfect for authentic Christian and Ana play.

Not only does it enhance your lover’s senses and increase anticipation, it also means they have no idea which part of their body will be touched or kissed next.

Keep still

Being at the mercy of your lover’s wildest whims can be an intensely erotic experience, so add some wrist and ankle cuffs to your play and recreate some of the most heart-poundingly erotic scenes from the books. Made from padded leather, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist Cuffs promise sensually soft but reassuringly firm restraint for seriously sexy restriction.

Rope is another option for restraint, but make sure you choose a silky type for sensual winding and binding, especially if you want to experiment with lots of different kinds of restraint. The Want to Play? Rope from the Fifty Shades Freed collection is a popular option.

It’s crucial that you play safely, as rope can be dangerous when handled by an inexperienced user – read Lovehoney’s tips on safe rope play before you begin. And before you engage in any bondage, remember to agree boundaries and settle on a safe word (Ana picked ‘popsicle’, so anything goes).

The Sportsheets Restraint System Will Fulfil All Your Bondage Dreams

Thanks to 50 Shades, there are a lot couples getting stuck in bondage rope and chafing their wrists in metal handcuffs. You need the proper bondage equipment to prevent yourself from an embarrassing trip to the ER. The Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System (around $50 at its cheapest in Australia) is the perfect tool for the job.

Read more

Now that your sub is safely (and comfortably) restrained, you can elevate your restraint play to dizzying heights with teasing strokes from the Fifty Shades of Grey Please, Sir Flogger, or take things further with the Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle. Start with a few gentle slaps, choosing from the soft suede side or sleek leather for sharper sensations. If you really want to bring the pain, try the Sweet Sting Riding Crop.

Pleasure overload

While his whips and crops are proudly displayed around the Red Room, Christian’s polished mahogany drawers are groaning under the weight of all manner of playthings, from a massage wand to a vibrating butt plug, all of which you can buy from Lovehoney. The My Body Blooms vibrator offers powerful stimulation for full-body thrills. Use it during foreplay, subjecting your sub to low rumbly strokes or thigh-shaking vibrations.

Ana also gets her first taste of nipple clamps in Darker. Add delightful pinch and pressure to your play with the Fifty Shades Freed All Sensation Nipple and Clitoral Chain, and discover heightened sensitivity and the sweet place between pleasure and pain.

Temperature play can be intensely erotic (cast your memory back to the ice cream scene in Darker). If you don’t want to get ice cream on your sheets, play with the sensations by cooling or heating a temperature-responsive toy, like the njoy Fun Wand. A quick dip in a bowl of warm or ice cool water before you use it can introduce nerve-tingling pleasure to your play. (Just remember to test the temperature against your arm to avoid any accidents!)

So, there you have it – your very own Red Room, without the bottomless budget of a billionaire.

Cecile Sharpe is a blogger and sex toy expert who writes for Lovehoney Australia. You can see a list of their best-selling products here.


  • How disappointing.
    Starts of saying ‘without magical money tree’, but then just turns into a boring product advertisement for the 50 Shades line of equipment without any of the improvisation and inventiveness that the BDSM community has shown over the decades.
    Belts, clothes pegs, ties, pingpong paddles/wooden spatulas and Tshirts can be used for the majority of this article.
    Yes, we know there’s a commercial investment with Lovehoney, but pretty sure Tegan could have done a much better job of this, without the audience having to shell out hundreds of dollars in niche equipment, that remains hidden for most of the year.

    • Thank you! Someone had to say it. By all means write an article advertising Lovehoney’s BDSM themed toys, but don’t misrepresent the article and the community with this headline. There is plenty of fun that can be had utilising items commonly already in the home.

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