30 Words You’re Probably Mispronouncing

Dictionary.com has updated its list of commonly mispronounced English words. We’ve included them below; along with links to the proper pronunciations.

We all misspell words from time to time; especially when quickly firing out emails. Most recipients will overlook these errors, but when it comes to mispronouncing the very same word, people are a lot less forgiving. Most consider it a sign of poor learning and ignorance.

Dictionary.com’s list of 30 common mispronunciations contains an interesting mix of rarely used words, foreign adoptions and simplistic phrases that are uttered on a daily basis. Food-related words top the list — so you might want to bone up on those before your next restaurant visit. (Either that, or get your date to order for you.)

We’ve included links to Dictionary.com’s audio pronunciation for each word. Just click on the speaker icon to hear the word spoken aloud. And yes, we’re aware that some of the included pronunciations have an American twang. Nevertheless, they should still help to steer you in the right direction.

Dictionary.com’s 30 Commonly Mispronounced Words:

  1. affidavit [af-i-dey-vit]
  2. almond [ah-muh nd, am-uh nd]
  3. beget [bih-get]
  4. cache [kash]
  5. caramel [kar-uh-muh l, -mel, kahr-muh l]
  6. coupon [koo-pon, kyoo-]
  7. croissant [French krwah-sahn; English kruh-sahnt]
  8. epitome [ih-pit-uh-mee]
  9. espresso [e-spres-oh]
  10. et cetera [et set-er-uh, se-truh]
  11. façade [fuh-sahd, fa-]
  12. fiery [fahyuh r-ee, fahy-uh-ree]
  13. genre [zhahn-ruh; French zhahn-ruh]
  14. haute [oht]
  15. hyperbole [hahy-pur-buh-lee]
  16. lambaste [lam-beyst, -bast]
  17. mauve [mohv]
  18. mischievous [mis-chuh-vuh s]
  19. niche [nich]
  20. peony [pee-uh-nee]
  21. prerogative [pri-rog-uh-tiv, puh-rog-]
  22. quinoa [keen-wah, kee-noh-uh]
  23. reservoir [rez-er-vwahr, -vwawr, -vawr, rez-uh-]
  24. salmon [sam-uh n]
  25. sherbet [shur-bit]
  26. turmeric [tur-mer-ik]
  27. verbiage [vur-bee-ij]
  28. Weimaraner [vahy-muh-rah-ner, wahy-, wahy-muh-rey-]
  29. whet [hwet, wet]
  30. Worcestershire [woo s-ter-sheer, -sher]

Have you noticed any words that people frequently mispronounce that aren’t on the list above? Let us know in the comments.

This article has been updated since its original publication.


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