You Can Now Attend Harvard Classes Online For Free

You Can Now Attend Harvard Classes Online For Free
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If you’ve always wanted to attend Harvard, now might be the perfect time: The university is offering access to 64 different courses online for free to anyone who signs up.

Courses offerings include everything from web programming and music theory to meteorology and planning for the next pandemic.

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The courses vary in length, but typically range between five and ten weeks of coursework.

Clicking through to a course from the offerings’ homepage will give you more information about the time commitment involved as well as how advanced the material will be and what you can expect to take away with you at the end.

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For instance, if you sign up for “Fundamentals of Neuroscience: The Electrical Properties of the Neuron” you can expect work at your own pace for roughly 3-5 hours per week, and you’ll earn a verified certificate at the course’s end.

Beyond Harvard, a number of other Ivy League colleges—including Brown, Cornell, Princeton, Yale and Columbia—also offer online access to free courses.

Like Harvard, these courses range from engineering and mathematics to art and design courses. Check out a full list of those opportunities (there are hundreds!) on Class Central.

If you’ve got some extra time right now, taking an Ivy League course—for free! From your couch!—is certainly not a bad way to spend it.

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