You Can Attend Nikon’s Photography School For Free This Month

If you’ve been trying to learn how to be a better photographer, April might be your month.

Nikon USA is making all of its photography school classes free to stream for the month of April.

Courses include things like getting started with your Nikon DSLR, photographing children and pets, and environmental portraiture.

Each lesson includes a video that’s typically between 45 minutes to an hour long. Lessons are tough by professional photographers, many of which are also Nikon USA ambassadors, and are typically priced between $US15 ($25) and $US50 ($83) each.

For people that are already rather experienced photographers, some of the lessons might be more useful than others.

That said, even if you already consider yourself a master at something like macro photography, for example, you might still be able to get a few useful tips and tricks from the tutorial that you can use to take some better pictures while you’re physically distancing and later on once we’re all out and about again.


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