Watch ‘Our Planet’ And Other Netflix Shows On YouTube For Free

Watch ‘Our Planet’ And Other Netflix Shows On YouTube For Free
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Back in the days when kids actually went into classrooms to learn, Netflix made much of its educational documentaries available for free to teachers who wanted to stream them in their classrooms. With the pandemic forcing most kids back into the home for some indefinite “remote learning,” Netflix has dropped many of those documentaries on YouTube for all of us to watch for free.

They’re doing it so teachers can still assign the documentaries, films and short films for students to watch, but parents can benefit, too, by having one more educational screen time option at our disposal. Some of them—particularly the Our Planet series (from the creators of Planet Earth)—can also be great for the whole family to watch together.

You can view the full list of more than 30 episodes, films and short films here. But go ahead and get started now with the first episode of Our Planet:

I am the future Youtube Playlist

Other titles include Babies (about a child’s first year of life), Explained (explores current events and social trends), and Zion (about a young wrestler who was born without legs and grew up in foster care).

Each show also comes with extra educational resources. And Netflix says it’s also planning to produce some additional Q&As with the some of the creators behind the projects so students and parents can learn more from them.

Just remember to check each title’s rating before watching to ensure it’s appropriate for your child’s age.

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