Tips On Home Workout Essentials By Fitness Expert, Luke Istomin

Gyms across Australia have closed due to the coronavirus outbreak and left many Aussies struggling to keep their fitness routine on track during these tough times. But, former F45 co-founder, Luke Istomin, believes home workouts are an effective way to overcome the barrier using just a few gym equipment essentials.

Closed gyms, self-isolation and a lack of motivation can be a triple threat for Aussies who aren’t used to working out at home. Others, however, seem to be more determined to maintain their health and fitness levels. Panic-buyers across the country have not only emptied the shelves off essential items such as toilet paper and sanitisers, exercise equipment has also been included in their list of must-haves.

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If you’re still looking for gym equipment, you’re in luck.

With more and more people being forced to exercise indoors, Bunnings has launched its own range of gym equipment available via its online MarketLink site. You will be able to get your hands on Adidas-branded equipment such as yoga mats and push bars as well as larger machines including cross trainers, rowing machines and exercise bikes.

Basic and budget-friendly gym equipment you need at home

Luke Istomin, who left F45 to start a new venture, RE:UNION Training in 2018, said this period of time isn’t about people getting jacked or being in the best shape of their life, it’s about the mental health game and for giving people a purpose and routine to follow.

“It doesn’t matter if people don’t have the equipment they’re used to at the gym, you only need a couple of items to stay fit and healthy. For instance, at RE:UNION we’re letting people rent a basic package which includes a set of dumbbells and some resistance bands, though they do have the option of hiring extra equipment as well. This is for the online classes we’ve started,” Istomin said.

“At the end of the day, people just need to keep moving and to stay in a positive mind frame. All of us are spending a lot more time sitting down and watching television and our posture is probably being affected if those aches and pains are anything to go by.”

Istomin explained having a yoga mat is a good place to start. It helps people stretch and practice different movements both slowly and effectively.

“For the rest, it really comes down to what’s available as a lot of equipment suppliers are currently out of stock. But you can really make do with anything at all. Grab a pair of dumbbells that you can use throughout your exercise routine. The weight of the dumbbells really just depends on your ability and whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or at a more advanced level. Adjustable dumbbells are a great option,” he explained.

“But if you can’t find any available, you can use anything such as backpacks or water bottles that will work as weight replacements — there are many way to get around it and at the end of the day you make do with what you have.”

Istomin said even having a single kettlebell can give you a heart-pumping full body workout. If you aren’t comfortable with weight (or even if you are) glute bands and power bands are great alternatives for when you want to change things up and challenge yourself.

Home workout options to add to your routine

If you’ve managed to get yourself some workout gear, it’s time to get in a training session. You can either find a gym or personal trainer offering classes online or you can go through the million-and-one YouTube videos to see what tickles your fancy.

Here’s one by PopSugar Fitness that uses a pair of medium weights to give you a 30-minute full-body workout.

Or, if you want to practice your yoga moves and eventually ease into savasana, check out Yoga with Adriene. The options are endless so stop being a couch potato, shut off Netflix and get moving.


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