This Is The Right Way To Hang Toilet Paper, According To Science

How do you hang your toilet paper? The age-old question whether the "right" way to have the end going over the top of the roll or under, coming from the side closest to the wall, is as old as time. It's a controversial topic that has torn apart families, and now we have a definitive answer to the question: The right way to hang your toilet paper is with the end going over the top.

Inc. reports that a recent study conducted at the University of Colorado, the "right" way to over because with that method you'll only touch the toilet paper you're personally using.

Bathrooms, especially public ones, are chock full of bacteria.

If you hang toilet paper using the under method, then there's a good chance your hand will brush the wall when you go for a few squares, which will cause you to potentially leave bacteria on the wall, or pick up something that a previous bathroom guest left there.

With the over method, you can easily avoid the wall and get the paper you need.

Another interesting insight from the study: If you do manage to get bacteria on your hands, you need to wash them for a long time to get it off. To thoroughly clean your hands you need to scrub with soap for at least 20 seconds, which is long enough to sing Happy Birthday twice. If you don't, that hand washing essentially did nothing.

This article has been updated since its original publication.


    Or look at the patent application, which shows it was always intended on being that way.

      Yeah, but the creator of GIF pronounces it "JIF", so, not sure we can trust the intentions of the creator. Still agree it should be that way though.

        Hehe very true

        Although i pronounce Cache as kayshh instead of Cash (as that's how my dad pronounced it and so as 5 year old i copied him) so whilst JIF and Cash may be correct ill never say it that way.

    GF hangs the wrong way. Honestly do not understand at all.

    Cats and Kids. Cats and Kids.

    It doesn't matter which way. People get very worked up about this, because in a chaotic world, it is something they can control. The way you should hang your toilet paper is the way that is right for you. (That said, we've found that the 'wrong way' stopped our toddlers from unrolling too much for a laugh.)

    Great to see LH has moved on from its facile obsession with food, netflix and electronics and is getting down to serious life issues. We cannot eat smartphone apps and neither can we use them to wipe out bottoms (yet). I've personally been running a campaign on this very subject toilet roll orientation for some time without a lot of conversions. I'm feeling hopeful that I might get some traction now that LH is involved because I haven't had a lot of success. It's been interesting bringing up the subject persistently with all sorts of people at a wide variety of social occasions, I've observed so much human behavior that I could almost be one.

    Frankly I never understood the toilet paper frenzy. Guys, get food. If you don't have food, you will never ever need the toilet paper.

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