Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses To Upskill At Home

Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses To Upskill At Home
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LinkedIn Learning has released new data on the types of courses Australian professionals are learning to adjust to a new economic and work environment as a result of Covid-19. If you’ve been struggling to decide on a course to upskill yourself, this list might just help you out.

According to LinkedIn Platform Data sent to Lifehacker Australia, Aussies have spent 15% more time spent learning between 2 March and 4 April as compared to the four weeks prior.

The most popular LinkedIn Learning courses in March are based on topics such as working from home, using technology to communicate, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and mindfulness, as more of us struggle with emotional support.

Top LinkedIn Learning courses (February vs. March)

  1. Working remotely (+10,925% MoM)
  2. Time management: working from home (+7,145% MoM)
  3. Microsoft Teams Essential Training (+508% MoM)
  4. Learning Zoom (+10,046% MoM)
  5. Leading at a Distance (+5,282% MoM)
  6. Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks (+1,154% MoM)
  7. Excel 2016 Essential Training (+8% MoM)
  8. Mindfulness Practices (+224% MoM)
  9. Strategic Thinking (-13% MoM)
  10. Project Management Foundations (+31% MoM)

Who is viewing these courses?

LinkedIn Learning is being used by a number of audiences who’ve been looking to adjust to the ‘new normal’. Increasingly, members from the following categories have spent the most time viewing courses:

  • C-Levels (63%)
  • Gen Z (1995-2002) (26%)
  • Senior Leaders (Director +) (22%)
  • All Managers (22%)
  • Recently promoted members (19%)

Free LinkedIn Learning courses

LinkedIn Learning charges $39.99 per month including a one-month free trial, or $24.99 for an annual subscription. Among other things, you’ll be able to access over 15,000 plus expert-led courses, receive a certificate upon completion and get a jump on LinkedIn’s Premium Career features.

If you don’t want to get a subscription for whatever reason, LinkedIn Learning is offering a bunch of free courses (as shown below). Keeping checking their page for the new ones they’re set to release soon.

The free LinkedIn Learning courses are available for (click description to access courses applicable to you):

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