Netflix Just Released New Parental Controls

If ever it were a good time for Netflix to give parents more control over their kids’ viewing experience, it is now, while our kids are home and watching more shows than ever. And they’ve come through with some basics that will help ensure kids aren’t watching content that is inappropriate—or shows you simply don’t want them to see.

Under Netflix’s new parental controls, you can:

  • PIN-protect individual profiles to prevent kids from using them

  • Filter titles by maturity ratings

  • Filter out titles of individual shows or films you don’t want them to watch

  • Check your child’s viewing activity

  • Turn off autoplay episodes and autoplay previews

Netflix also points out that any shows or films you block won’t be visible at all in their profile. So you can use, “Oh, weird, Netflix must have taken that one off,” as needed.

To access parental controls, go to “account” and then scroll down to “profile and parental controls” on your laptop or mobile device.


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