Free Online Exercise Classes For Australians Stuck At Home

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to workout at home during self-isolation, some gyms, fitness studios and even personal trainers are offering online classes to keep you fit and motivated. And luckily for us, many of them can be accessed for free.

The coronavirus outbreak may have forced gyms and bootcamps to shutdown, but trainers across Australia have taken to the internet to keep their fellow Aussies healthy, both physically and mentally.

If you haven’t found yourself an at-home workout routine that sticks, joining one the many free online classes may just prompt you to get into your exercise gear and sweat it out on the daily.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Tips On Home Workout Essentials By Fitness Expert, Luke Istomin” excerpt=”Gyms across Australia have closed due to the coronavirus outbreak and left many Aussies struggling to keep their fitness routine on track during these tough times. But, former F45 co-founder, Luke Istomin, believes home workouts are an effective way to overcome the barrier using just a few gym equipment essentials.”]

Get your heart pumping with Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Michelle Bridges, the renowned celebrity trainer, and her 12WBT team have taken to Facebook and Instagram to hold a series of online classes, available for free, every week on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30am AEDT. You will be guided through training and given nutrition advice. Don’t worry if you miss a class, the exercise routines are posted on their social pages following each class. Be prepared for some heart-pumping exercises such as burpee shuffles and bear crawls, followed by a nice yoga-style cool down at the end.

Keep It Cleaner transforms into a virtual gym

Keep It Cleaner, the Aussie brand popular for its online lifestyle program, has turned its model into a virtual gym to encourage overall wellbeing. It’s offering classes twice a week – Monday and Wednesday – at 7:00am ADST via Facebook and Instagram Live. The workouts, focused on cardio and strength-based training, yoga and pilates, don’t require any equipment (though a mat is recommended).

Workout at home with personal trainer, Sam Wood

Every morning at 9am AEST, personal trainer, Sam Wood, takes to Facebook to do home workouts live. He also saves them to his page so if you can’t make it at that time, there’s no reason to not get in an afternoon or evening session. Don’t be surprised if you see his family join in on the morning exercises.

Go the extra mile with Natache Oceane

YouTube fitness trainer, Natache Oceane, offers a wide range of real-time workout videos that require absolutely no equipment. These are great for those who want to get in a quick workout before or after work – the 20-minute full body workout video is a definite winner.

Take it easy with yoga teacher, Annie Belcher

If you’re comfortable with yoga poses and just need a guiding voice to take you through the routine, yoga teacher, Annie, Belcher, is your go-to yogi. She’s uploaded free audio classes to her website for those looking to give their couch-potato bodies a good ol’ stretch.

In case you want to splurge a little…

Now that you’re not paying for your gym membership, you might have a bit of extra cash lying around. If the workouts above don’t meet your needs, we’ve got a few more to get you excited – you’ll just have to pay a bit to access them.

Sydney Yoga Collective is killing it with live-streaming its 32 yoga classes. You only have to pay $10 per week for unlimited access.

Next up, for just $12 per month, Yogaholics by Power Living, is offering access to yoga and meditation classes that can be five minutes long if you want a quick session or even 90 minutes in length if you’re looking to seriously wind down.

For a more upbeat workout, sign up for Sydney Dance Company’s virtual classes which include hip hop, ballet and jazz. You can pay as little as $12 or dish out $28 for unlimited classes each week.

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