Master DIY Hacks With Bunnings Daily Live Stream On Instagram

If you’re looking to take a hack at mastering DIY projects, Bunnings DIY Live is your new go-to IGTV stream for some exciting ideas — both easy-to-do and friendly on the pocket.

As life in self-isolation becomes the new norm, more people than ever before are looking for creative solutions to avoid a case of mental and physical exhaustion from doing the same thing on repeat.

DIY projects are on-trend once again as the coronavirus pandemic has left us with no choice but to stay home. Instead of wallowing, many of us have started working on our own DIY-style plans, whether it’s to give the home a personal touch or build a budget-friendly piece of furniture that was once a far-fetched thought.

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If you’re struggling to get on board with the idea of starting a DIY activity yourself, Bunnings is here to the rescue. The mega store has started a new Instagram IGTV live stream which will take place at 11am daily and is free to watch. Aussies will benefit from tips and tricks shared by various DIYers on how to create affordable and easy-to-do DIY projects.

Their broadcast schedule will feature DIY for children and renters; upcycling and decluttering advice; and gardening and home renovation tips. You can view the schedule by visiting @bunnings on Instagram.

Why DIY projects are so important

If you’re not convinced DIY projects will change your life, here’s why you should get on board and get your own project underway.

In a time when we’re overwhelmed by the confinements of our home, it’s become non-negotiable to maintain good mental health. According to The Conversation, famous psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, explains that a DIY activity “helps us to enter a ‘flow’ state, a perfect immersive state of balance between skill and challenge. This helps to achieve mindfulness and an increase in awareness of our own thoughts and feelings in a positive way.”

Maybe you’re not comfortable using intimidating construction tools to build something — that’s alright. Taking on crafts such as knitting, basket weaving or making something as simple as a scrap book are all activities that will help you feel a sense of calmness.

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What DIY projects should you do

There are so many DIY activities to experiment with but to make sure you finish the project, it’s best to stick with your interests in the beginning to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. It’ll help you work on more projects in the future.

Think about what you want or need — is it an abstract piece of art for your lounge; shoe-holder plants to hang in your courtyard; or an upcycled wine cork board to give your home a crafty, personal touch.

Here’s a great YouTube video on DIY projects that are sure to inspire you. Maybe you can come up with your own twist to one of these ideas.

The options are endless and with so much free time on our hands, there’s no excuse to not get creative.


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