Cheap Deal: Get Google Pixel 4 For Half The Price At Vodafone and Optus

Cheap Deal: Get Google Pixel 4 For Half The Price At Vodafone and Optus
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Google Pixel 4 may have only been around for six months, but the all-round, featured-packed phone boasting incredible camera quality, is now easier (and cheaper) to get a hold of. Here’s how.

Both Vodafone and Optus are now offering a whooping 50% discount on the 64GB version of Pixel 4. This is great given the hype surrounding the phone’s ‘human-like’ responses. Here’s Gizmodo’s full review if you’re looking for more information before getting the handset for yourself.

Cheap Vodafone Mobile Plans For Google Pixel 4

Vodafone has halved the outright price of the 64GB Pixel 4, bringing it down to $524, effectively saving you $14.55 monthly on a 36-month plan, or $21.83 on the 24-month plan.

Vodafone’s plans start at $54.55 per month on a 36-month plan with 10GB, or $61.83 per month on a 24-month plan.

Of course, since the company’s plans are contract-free, you can always leave early by paying out the remainder of the phone. Considering it would still only cost you half as much compared to buying it outright in a store, we think this a pretty solid deal.

36-month Pixel 4 (64GB) Vodaphone Plans

24-month Pixel 4 (64GB) Vodaphone Plans

Cheap Optus Mobile Plans For Google Pixel 4

If you prefer Optus, it too is offering a similar deal barring a slight variation in prices.

Optus plans start at $53.56 per month with 10GB on a 36-month plan, or $60.84 per month on a 24-month plan, giving you savings of $21.84 per month on a 24-month plan, or $14.56 per month on a 36-month plan.

Though the plans are contract-free, leaving early would mean you forfeit the discount on the remainder of your contract term. The only way to save on the device is to stick it out with Optus.

36-month Pixel 4 (64GB) Optus Plans

24-month Pixel 4 (64GB) Vodafone Plans

The Best Google Pixel 4 Features You Probably Don't Know About

The Google Pixel 4 is out. and reviews have been both exalting and somewhat tepid. In terms of flagship phone launches, the Pixel 4 isn’t revolutionary, though it improves upon its predecessors. If you upgraded already, don’t fret. The Pixel 4 has plenty of specs and features to brag about.

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  • Being an ex Pixel owner I can shed a little light. I could go up to 6 days on one charge, sorry that’s it for the praise.

    Out of the box my Google phone was not able to show a notification light. The internet was littered with this fault – Google did nothing.

    For most, a phone is primarily to make phone calls, just like Apple, Choice Magazine took the “call clarity” to the lowest of all phones.

    Finally in year 3 of owning my Pixel the microphone failed, so it now sits in a draw.

    So just like a European car, the phone is off to the wreckers rather early.

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