You Can Play These Games Online With Friends

You Can Play These Games Online With Friends
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Social distancing doesn’t have to mean the end of game night with your friends, it just means that rather than breaking out a game board and inviting your friends over you need to take things online.

Turns out, almost every board game you can think of can actually be played online, and there are a number of websites out there to make the magic happen. A lot of them will require you to register if you want to play with friends but will let that gameplay happen free once you do thanks to some ads. Others have a subscription fee, but if you’re planning on playing online a lot over the next few months then it might be worth it.

And don’t forget that most gaming consoles have an online option as well. If you haven’t purchased that online package yet, now might be the time to get some friends together for a little Overcooked or Call of Duty.

Here are a few of my personal suggestions for desktop games to play at next online game night to help you get started. If you have your own favourites, please share them in the comments!

Yahtzee Party

I used to be a huge Yahtzee fan but admittedly haven’t played much in a while. With this, you’re playing against the clock, so it’s always your turn, but then your score is compared to your friends. A game takes roughly 6 minutes to play. You can also play alone if you want. It’s hosted on Pogo, a site by EA that has a ton of board game options.


Monopoly is typically a pretty big time suck, but at a time when a lot of us have a bit of extra time on our hands, it might be the perfect time to play a game (or 12). This is another option on Pogo.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is kind of the ultimate party game. The online version isn’t quite as fun as playing in person with pals, but you can potentially set up a video chat to go along with the game to spice it up a bit.


Tabletopia has over 600 different games available, including a number of classic games like Backgammon and Chess.


Facebook has a TON of different games available, including Uno. If you use the social network, and more importantly, if your friends do, now might be a good time to kick off a game or two.

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