Use Silica Gel Packets To Protect Spices, Razors, And Old Books

Silica gel packets are common in most items we unbox, but what do they do? It says pretty clearly not to eat them, so how else can they be reused around the house?

The little packs of desiccant are included in boxes to absorb moisture, so they can also be used in small spaces to keep humidity low (and therefore prolong the life of some common household products susceptible to mould or water-based decay).

Just store some leftover silica gel packets with dry goods in your pantry to keep them from going bad. They can prevent rust among tools and razors, and keep musty odours out of old books, photo albums, or gym bags.

And if you want to keep reusing them, just dry them out in a 90 degrees Celsius oven to restore their absorbent properties.

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