This Website Lists Events Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Concerns

If you have plans to attend an event anywhere beyond your own neighbourhood this spring, the thought has probably crossed your mind: “Oh, I wonder if that’ll get cancelled.”

Not only are companies putting limits on their employees’ work-related travel in light of the coronavirus—entire conferences and large-scale events are getting cancelled right and left.

Want a quick rundown of what’s been called off so far? Head on over to

The results might surprise you. Adobe Summit, Facebook F8, and Mobile World Congress are cancelled, while WWDC, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and E3 are still moving forward. Here are just a few:

The bare-bones site was created by TC Sottek, executive editor of website The Verge. He provides this guide to what the terms on each event mean:

Yes, there’s a bit of humour (let’s be honest, we could all use it right now), but the rundown is a telling sign of how seriously event organisers are taking these health concerns.

Sottek invites submissions via Twitter if you see an event has been cancelled.


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