You’re (Probably) Cooking With Herbs Wrong

You’re (Probably) Cooking With Herbs Wrong

Herbs are an essential part of cooking, but it isn’t always clear how to use them properly to enhance a recipe. This easy-to-read infographic tells you all about the major herbs and the best pairings for them.

This is a great place to start if you want to expand your cooking skills and experiment a bit. The infographic includes what types of foods go well with a particular herb, and which oils and other herbs are complementary. Some of these are obvious combinations (like chocolate and mint), but try some of the less obvious ones like ginger and dill, or basil and strawberries.

You’re (Probably) Cooking With Herbs Wrong

Herb Guide to Cooking [Heiton Buckley via]

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Add Handfuls Of Herbs To Your Salad

When it comes to making a salad taste good, a lot of people lean very heavily on the dressing and, to a slightly lesser extent, cheese. I love dressing and cheese, but too much of either can weigh a salad down, and rob it of its freshness. To boost the flavour while keeping your salad salad-y, add large handfuls of fresh herbs.

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