The Best SIM-Only Deals Available Now

The Best SIM-Only Deals Available Now
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Whenever a big new phone launches, telcos will try and woo you into long-term agreements with glossy deals and bonuses. However, buying your phone outright and signing up for a SIM-only plan can often save you money in the long run — provided you’re happy with dropping over $1,000 upfront for your shiny new handset.

If you’re considering a new device — say a Galaxy S20 — or even just want a new plan for your current phone, it’s worth looking at your SIM-only options. With that in mind, here’s five of our favourite SIM-only plans available right now.


Telstra isn’t known for deep discounts, but the telco has currently cut $10 per month of its $60 SIM-only plan. This means you’ll get 60GB for $50 per month for your first 12 months, and since the plan is contract-free, you can always leave when the discount runs out or swap to a different Telstra plan. Spending $50 per month with Big T will typically only get you 15GB. This deal is available until the end of March.


amaysim is currently offering 35GB of data on its $30 prepaid 28-day recharge, up from 30GB. You’ll keep receiving your bonus data for as long as you’re an amaysim customer. Better yet, you’ll get your first recharge for $10 if you sign up before the end of March. amaysim is powered by the Optus network.


Upstart MVNO Circles.Life has brought back its excellent double data deal. $28 per month gets you 40GB, provided you sign-up using the promo code “DOUBLEDATA” before April 30. The extra data only lasts for your first six months with Circles, after which you’ll revert to a 20GB allowance. You are of course free to leave whenever, because the plan is contract free. On top of an already generous allowance, the plan has a bonus 3GB of “bill shock protection data” that kicks in whenever you go over your monthly limit.

Moose Mobile

Moose Mobile is another great option from a smaller name in the industry. $36 per month will get you a 50GB plan with $400 for standard international calls thrown in. You will have to sign a 12-month contract to get this deal, however. Moose Mobile is powered by the Optus network.


If you don’t need a whole heap of data, you might want to consider OVO, who is currently offering 4GB for $14.95 on a 30-day recharge. That’s as much data as you can get at that kind of price – most other telcos only offer 2GB or 3GB. OVO is powered by the Optus network.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

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