The Best Deals To Help Ease Your Self Isolation Boredom

The Best Deals To Help Ease Your Self Isolation Boredom
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With the Federal Government encouraging us to stay home, we’re all looking for more to do and to avoid hitting the shops. But there are still lots of things you can do to make your time in isolation a little more enjoyable.

With a projector, you can turn a room into a virtual cinema and enjoy a night at the movies at home. Or you can curl up with the latest books with a great e-reader. One things is certain – we’re all going to be looking for ways to enjoy the ‘new normal’ of the coronavirus isolation we’re all adjusting to. Here are a few things to help ease the transition.

Everfit Electric Treadmill: While we’re all spending more time indoors, and with winter not far off, staying fit is getting a little more challenging. If you can’t get out for your daily walk or run, a treadmill can help you stay fit. Set it up in front of the TV so you can “Netflix and run” instead of ‘Netflix and chill’. At under $440 – it’s probably cheaper than the gym membership you had to suspend. Pop over to Ebay to grab this offer.

Nespresso Coffee Machines: Are you missing your favourite coffee shop? Perhaps this will help. Make your own great coffee with a Nespresso machine right at home. Sure, you might not get the same conversation from the barista but it’s a great compromise. You can choose from a range of different machines as well as many different coffee varieties. Check out Amazon for these little beauties.

Mini Portable LED Projector: With all of us stuck at home, a projector to make video calls, watching movies and even as a display for viewing documents can be handy. At just $205, this mini projector has HDMI inputs as well as the ability to display content from USB devices and DLNA sources over WiFi. Amazon is the place to go for this deal.

Smart Wash & Dry Electric Toilet Seat: If installing a bidet during the “Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020” seems extreme, perhaps this option appeals. With an array of nozzles and settings, this electric toilet seat helps you clean up after a visit to the loo. It’s $699 from Kogan. That’s way cheaper than a bidet and a full bathroom renovation for the installation. Kogan is the place to go for this deal.

Kindle Oasis: Curling up with a good book is going to get harder as libraries and bookstores close down. But a good eBook reader can help you catch up with the latest literary releases. The Kindle Oasis features a light and can connect to both WiFi and 4G with no need to get a SIM card or another phone account as it’s included in the purchase price. At $559, you can carry your entire library with you. Score this offer at Amazon.

SONIQ Smart Borderless LED TV: If you’ve already got a Chromecast, FireTV or Apple TV then perhaps it’s time to up your TV game. At $449 – down from $740 – this 55-inch LED HD TV is a great option for the bedroom or to get the kids out of the lounge so you can relax. It boasts four HDMI ports so you can hook up consoles as well as set to boxes and DVD or Blu-ray player. Head over to Catch for this special deal.

Amazon Echo smart speaker: The third generation Echo smart speaker normally costs $144. But if you pick up two of these and use the discount code ECHO229, you can score a pair for $229 – a saving of $59, or a little over 25%. Pop over to Amazon for this deal.

Paws & Claws 3.8L Gravity Water Dispenser: As a pet owner, keeping the dogs and cats fed and watered is a significant responsibility. I bought one of these dispensers and it’s been great. Instead of filling smaller bowls once or twice a day, we can fill this every few days and the cats help themselves. Just $14.00 with free shipping for Club Catch members.Hit Catch for this great deal.

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