T-Mobile Users Can Get Two Months Of YouTube Premium For Free

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T-Mobile is offering its U.S. customers a few two-month trial of YouTube Premium. The deal is part of T-Mobile’s “T-Mobile Tuesdays” program. Starting today, you have until April 21st to save the offer to your account. It must be redeemed by May 1.

YouTube Premium offers videos ad-free and allows for offline downloads as well as for videos to be played in the background (for instance if you wanted to listen to a video on your phone while also checking email or texting).

Unlike similar promotions, you can actually take advantage of this deal even if you’re already a YouTube Premium subscriber, PhoneArena notes. If you’re already a subscriber you can just cancel your subscription and then sign up to take advantage of T-Mobile’s deal for 60 days instead.

At the end of the trial, you’ll be charged $US11.99 ($21) a month for the service, so like all free trials, you’ll want to set a calendar reminder to cancel this one before the trial is up if you don’t want to end up having to pay.


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